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Do something with yourself. Look at where we all our now and i really am strongly on a good track

Tonight was a reunion party with all of my old friends. I had so much fun for most of the time.
Jane picked me up and we went to the park and she told me the latest gossip while she smoked. Peter has VD, courtney has an abusive husband, ryan has aids, blair is pregnant...
We stopped by the liquor store for her to get beer and it was so nice that she could finally buy it legally. It used to take about 2 hours to find a place to steal it from or an adult to buy it.
We then went to see Will b/c she said he has been talking a lot about me lately. this is so strange b/c i havent had any contact with him in over a year. We go to his apt. and he looks so weird but still his old self. He is one of the fummiest people i know.
It was so much fun to see everyone and who would walk in the door next. I was the center of attention the whole night which really made me feel so so nice.

Everyone drank and smoked a lot of pot. Jane still doesnt smoke pot anymore b/c last week she was drunk and tried it again after 3 years of giving it up. on her first hit she freaked out and couldnt close her eyelids or really move her while body. her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she was sick for 3 days. I am glad she quit b/c I have seen first hand how it has damaged will's peter's evan's and tom's mental health. Jane got really drunk which made her way too emotional. She wouldnt leave my side the whole night. She started crying and rambling that once a year is not enough times she gets to see me. That she will never find another friend to replace me blah blahbla.. That I need to truely take the time and go up to Austin to see about moving there. Im always so suprised of how many little details she remembers about my life even when i only talk to her about every 4 mos. This is a great quality.
It moved me a little bit to see how much she cared but at the same time i was a little annoyed. I told her that she should truely try to visit me in Utah. I told her i would go to Austin for spring break which is most likely true. She then calmed down and was ok for the rest of the night.
She was so so funny on the way home and was making fun of davey's mom and his sisters. I snuck into my house avoiding my parents b/c I smell like marijuana and think i am a bit high from spending hours in a smoke filled room. But who knows. This is always the worst part about coming back to visit friends. I love my friends but I think once a year is enough for me. Everyone but Jane, I wish she could be my roomate. And then i could have someone call me flynn-flam everyday. The great conversation of the night was that there is a kitty conspiracy going on in kingwood. Michael went outside one night and saw about ten cats hanging out in a yard together. They werent fighting or hissing just hanging out friendly. When they saw him they quickly dispersed. We have a great reinactment of what they looked like when they got caught. I was on the floor laughing at the sight of jane's drunken impression. ask me and i will show it to you. A couple of nights later he was driving and saw 3 cats hanging out in another yard. Our theory is that they are planning an attack on this group of wild dogs that have been roaming around here killing cats. i am still laughing and i cant keep my eyes open any longer b/c of my headache.

1:40 a.m. - 2005-12-22


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